Nisha Bansil lives and works in the Catskill Mountains, her glass-work is an exploration of pattern, form and structure, inspired by observations made in the environment. Light and shadow in the trees and plants, decay and growth in the life cycles on the forest floor, and the progress of time in the geology of the area. Skins, bones, mushrooms, leaves, rocks and fossils are all sources for her research. In the studio these forms are deconstructed and reassembled to further investigate their underlying structures. Like the tessellated patterns found in Islamic architecture this work strives to meld natural phenomena with geometric form. In 2016 she will be an artist in residence at the Bullseye Resource Center, and the Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass. In July 2016 she will be preforming a sound/glass piece at the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk VA.  





Nisha Bansil